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The Rules

The rules are simple commonsense measure taken to make play more enjoyable for everyone. Their purpose is to make this more enjoyable, not less.

1. No godding or god-modding.
godding is when a player manipulate another players character.
For instance: you may not say that another character gets up and moves across the room, unless their player was clearly showing intent to do just that, or you have obtained ooc permission from that player. If you are in doubt as to whether a character is intending to do what you think they are going to do, always err on the side of caution and ask their player.
Going even further, you may not seriously injure or kill a character without their players permission.

2. Play Nice
Respect other players and don't use any animosity between your characters as an excuse to be mean or rude. If you have a problem with another player you can attempt to work it out in a civil manner or avoid each other in game as much as possible. If you ask for mod/maintainer help in resolving your conflicts, we will do our best to assist you.

3. No Gratuitous Adult Content
Swearing, sexual behavior and violence is acceptable as part of a character, but not for its own sake.
Do not use the F-word in every sentence, try to have sex with everything your character meets and then eviscerate them for the heck of it.
Do use swears in appropriate situations, play out sexual attraction in the way your character would normally handle it, and use violence in the specific instances that your character would.

4. Entry Into the Comm
Go to the app post and follow the directions there. The app post isn't the only way to enter the comm, but it is there so that people who have no connection to the existing players can enter the game. All that is really required is proof that you have enough writing skills to fully take part in the game.

5. No Meta-gaming
This means that you cannot have your character act on knowledge that you posses and they don't. If you have knowledge that your character may reasonably possess, they may act on it.

6. What to do once you are part of the comm
If you haven't already, create a journal for your character. This allows one player to play multiple characters, and also allow you the use of more userpics.
Once you have a journal for your character, reply to your app with the name of that journal and join the comm.
You may also wish to friend the other character journals with your own. This will make it easier to keep track of events happening outside of the main comm.

7. Posting and Activity Requirements
We don't have any specific minimums for the amount of posting you do, but we do expect all players to be reachable within a reasonable amount of time, and to follow through if they commit to a plot with other players.

8. Where Play can Take Place
Play can take place in the main comm if that post takes place inside of the school grounds. Play can take place in any individual character's journal, but the post needs to be by that character. Play can also take place outside of LiveJournal altogether, if that is what the players prefer. he only requirement is that all play that does not take place in the main comm must eventually be linked to the main comm. This is accomplished by creating a post in the comm with a link to the off-comm rp.

9. Tags
When posting in comm, you need to use tags. These make it so that the game is easier to follow.

If you have any questions about the rules, please either comment on this entry or PM one of the maintainers.


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